The Media Center Show #109 Jason Alinen

Thursday!!!! One day left til Friday!! And of course, Ian's Media Center show! This time he's got Jason once again, from the Ice House MCE Jukebox, doing some pretty nifty things. Show Times: 00:50 Coming up this week 01:20 Email – Update on the Vidabox keyboard given away on show 97 02:03 Email – Does the Media Center Keyboard work […]

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My TiVo Story

I think this is a good article because of the temptation to just go with your cable co's DVR. Sure it's cheaper, but there's a reason TiVo costs a premium. This article gives a nice write up of what it's like to switch from the dark side. ExtremeTech  All I would need is a pair of CableCARDs from Comcast and […]

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User Submitted News Site?

As I get ready to gear up again (only 10 more days until I move in and have command central up and running) I have talked with the guys about the future of One of the ideas that have come up is to shift to a user submitted news site. Not quite like Digg where its a community […]

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Help Build a Media Center Components Database

Chris gives the heads up of a new website/database that's designed to have people put MCE-compatible components. Hopefully this takes into account some of the work Ian Dixon's done on the tuner-side. It's great to see people working extra to help the community…wouldn't mind seeing this from Microsoft tho 😉 Chris Lanier's Blog A new website just launched that I […]

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May 22nd Blu-Ray DVD Releases

Thanks to Camus for the link, here are the Blu-Ray DVD's coming out on May 22nd. Apocalypto (Buena Vista) Basic Instinct (Lionsgate) Battle of the Bulge (Warner) Catch & Release (Sony) Closer (Sony) Chris Botti Live: With Orchestra and Special Guests (Sony BMG) Curse of the Golden Flower (Sony) Dirty Dancing (20th Anniversary Edition) (Lionsgate) Donnie Brasco (Sony) Dreamgirls (DreamWorks) […]

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May HD-DVD Movie Releases

Any of these motivating you to buy a player? I saw in this week's Best Buy ad, a stand-alone HD-DVD Player was selling for around $300….while a Blu-Ray was going for around $800. If this keeps up, I think Blu-Ray will end up killing themselves. If anyone's got a list of May Blu-Ray releases, let me know & I'll be […]

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Engadget vs Cable Card, twice


Am I jealous Engadget got TWO systems to test out Cable Card? Um….not based on their first go-round, but definitely for their second one. I don't think anyone should really be surprised by difficulties…this is still a V1 product after all that had a VERY limited beta. Just a shame that customers have to pay a TON to "test" a […]

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Lifeware Announces Lifemedia: Hi-Fi Entertainment and Home Automation Servers


Thanks to eHomeUpgrade for the press release. Exceptional Innovation, makers of Lifewareâ„¢, announces the launch of a new line of Lifemediaâ„¢ servers, optimized for complete digital entertainment experiences and comprehensive home automation. Using benchmark internal components and the look and feel of a high-end A/V receiver, Lifemedia provides from 500GB to 4.5 Terabytes of storage for digital music, movies, pictures, […]

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WMP Remote from the maker of DVRMS Toolbox


Out of nowhere, Babgvant (Andy) has released a pretty cool little app which allows you to control your Windows Media Player library without being at the actual machine. Pretty nifty!   Babgvant This solution interacts with Windows Media Player, instead of Window Media Center. The client application search for albums by title, artist or genre and control playback on the […]

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What’s the Matter with HDMI?

A good history lesson on HDMI, as well as some pointers on using it with your current setup. It's pretty interesting to see some shortcuts taken which of course affect your quality…shame. Audioholics HDMI, as we've pointed out elsewhere, is a format which was designed primarily to serve the interests of the content-provider industries, not to serve the interests of […]

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