YouTube Rentals Looking to Expand to Philips Smart TVs

YouTube Rentals.jpg

YouTube added movie rentals to its list of features way back in 2010, and Google has been quietly adding more studios to their library over the last year by signing deals with companies such as Disney, DreamWorks Animation, and Paramount. To date, those rentals have been restricted to the PC and the Google TV app, but it sounds like Google […]

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Peek Behind the Scenes at Comcast’s Transition to IP VOD

Comcast on Demand

Comcast has been betting big on Video on Demand over the last few years as the company has pulled its services together under the Xfinity brand. As the largest cable provider in the U.S., Comcast has certainly generated its fair share of detractors for its business practices and content and service offerings, but whatever your feelings about the company, the […]

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