The Wirecutter chooses best universal remote

In what can only be called a Harmony lovefest, The Wirecutter has picked out a few universal remotes at different price points. Naturally they are all Harmony branded, and while I would normally take issue with that kind of ah… focus, in this case it’s really hard to argue. I’ve used Harmonly remotes for years, and frankly, it would take […]

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Griffin Beacon for Android Reviewed

Griffin Beacon Android

We’ve reviewed a couple of different mobile device-based universal remote control systems. Some are platform specific, such as the VooMote Zapper, which is geared toward iOS devices. Others come in multiple flavors, such as the Griffin Beacon. We reviewed the Griffin Beacon with an iPhone. At the time an Android version was still in the works. Now that it is available, […]

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Peel Universal Smart Remote for iPhone and Android


We recently reviewed the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote device, which leverages the capabilities of an iPhone to be used to control your television and stereo components. Peel is a lesser known brand hoping to achieve similar success with their Peel Smart Remote device. Enclosed in a uniquely pear shaped unit and powered by a single C battery, the Peel shares […]

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Logitech Harmony Link Reviewed


Logitech recently jumped into the phone and tablet universal remote market with the Harmony Link. The idea is simple: Make use of a phone or tablet to communicate via Wi-Fi to a bridge device which translates the commands to infrared (IR) for use by most home theater components. Logitech also adds in its Harmony database and setup routines used in […]

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