HDMI CEC 2.0 magic

HDMI CEC is great, when it works. Some of this comes down to HDMI 1.x’s lack of clear definition around how it should work, and most of the rest belongs to OEM’s just making it work for their kit. It looks like the version of CEC for HDMI 2.x devices should address this – certainly goes a long way, when […]

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Pulse-Eight Internal HDMI CEC Adapter


In an HDMI A/V environment, Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is the glue that ties components together into a cohesive unit–able to be controlled by a single remote without the hassle, or expense, of a normal universal as well as removing infrared’s (IR) line-of-site requirement for playback devices. Where there can be problems with the protocol, most often the root cause […]

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Pulse-Eight Motorola NYXboard Hybrid Remote Reviewed

NYXBoard Hybrid Remote

It has been about a year since Pulse-Eight announced that they would be selling the Motorola NYXboard Hybrid remote control. It was a pretty exciting announcement if only because we so rarely see a company so unabashedly targeting the HTPC market. The NYXboard is an interesting universal remote control for HTPC users for a number of reasons. For one thing, […]

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