Guide to Using Windows 8 as a Windows Home Server


I’ve been a Windows Home Server user and advocate since the product’s earliest inception. Like many WHS users, I was quite torn when Microsoft dropped Drive Extender from the WHS 2011 release, but ultimately switched over. As time has gone on, WHS 2011 has felt more and more like a regression of the product, not just because of the loss […]

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Guide to Building a Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server

If building a home server is on your to-do list for the new year, then perhaps a little how-to guide is just what you need to get started. I’m not sure about all of the hardware choices made for this particular guide. Intel Xeon processors tend to carry a price premium that isn’t really warranted for a WHS box, though […]

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My Movies for Media Center and WHS 2011 Updated

One of the longest running Add-ins for Media Center and Home Server, My Movies, has been updated. My Movies for Media Center is now up to version 4.02 PR6 and version 2.10 PR5 for WHS 2011. I personally have been running My Movies for years, it is my go to Add-in for Media Center. I love the look and feel […]

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