HDMI CEC 2.0 magic

HDMI CEC is great, when it works. Some of this comes down to HDMI 1.x’s lack of clear definition around how it should work, and most of the rest belongs to OEM’s just making it work for their kit. It looks like the version of CEC for HDMI 2.x devices should address this – certainly goes a long way, when […]

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Chromecast now working with HDMI-CEC Control Commands

Google Chromecast

Chromecast has a new firmware out and it has released HDMI-CEC control commands.  Google Chromecast has worked with HDMI-CEC since day one with the power and ability to change to the right input. Not all TV manufactures have HDMI-CEC turned on and Andrew Van Til has talked about it a lot with the HTPC and Intel NUC we have reviewed, but this is […]

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Pulse-Eight Internal HDMI CEC Adapter


In an HDMI A/V environment, Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is the glue that ties components together into a cohesive unit–able to be controlled by a single remote without the hassle, or expense, of a normal universal as well as removing infrared’s (IR) line-of-site requirement for playback devices. Where there can be problems with the protocol, most often the root cause […]

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Pulse-Eight – CES 2012


When Missing Remote reviewed the DH61AG, its unique HTPC_HEADER feature was highlighted as an incredible value-add that would require some extra hardware to completely enable its HDMI CEC capabilities. Thankfully, Pulse-Eight has developed and will be selling exactly that before long. The exact date and price is undisclosed at this time, but it should cost less than their existing external […]

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