Diamond Multimedia Releases the GC1000 PVR and GC500 PVR

Diamond Multimedia GC1000.png

Diamond Multimedia is evidently on a product release binge. Hot on the heels of the AMP1000 Android Media Player comes the GC1000 and GC500. The GC1000 and GC500 are high definition PVRs in the vein of the Hauppauge HD-PVR, a product that has sparked more than a few discussions around here. The two offerings appear to be largely identical except […]

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Diamond Multimedia Releases AMP1000 Android Media Player

DiamondMM AMP1000.jpg

There was a time when anyone interested in video cards or PC TV tuner cards knew of a little company called Diamond Multimedia. Diamond Multimedia is not exactly the same company they once were, but they still dabble in PC multimedia add-ons and related devices, including media streamers. Their newest media streamer is the Android Media Player or AMP100. The […]

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