D-Link Announces MovieNite


D-Link added another option to the over the top (OTT) media streamer market today with the just released “MovieNite”. While the name isn’t that interesting, features like 1080p, VUDU and Netflix coupled with a price of $60 are. The PR (available after the click) doesn’t mention if Netflix is the full fidelity experience (5.1 + subtitles) so we’ll have to […]

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Boxee Box Reviewed

Boxee Box

If you were one of the folks disappointed to hear that Boxee has hit the end of the road on PCs and thinking that maybe it’s time to consider moving to D-Link’s Boxee Box, then a fresh review might be in order. The Boxee 1.5 update is still in limited beta for the Boxee Box, but even in its current […]

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SageTV Coming to Boxee Box

Many SageTV users are well aware of the skyrocketing eBay prices of the SageTV extenders after the company was purchased by Google and the extenders were pulled from retail. It seems SageTV extenders are about to get a second life in the form of the Boxee Box. An unsanctioned effort by third-party developers is underway to bring SageTV front-end functionality to […]

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Boxee Box D-Link DSM-380


As we can see from the video Boxee provides an excellent first experience with the device with friendly retail packaging and includes an HDMI cable so most users will be able to get started when they bring it home. Device Love it or not, the Boxee Box is certainly unique–sure to stand out in any environment.  How desirable that is […]

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