Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240

This could have easily been titled “AMD Wrath Prism is so bad I had to replace it”, but let’s keep a positive spin on things ;). All in, there’s a lot to like about this liquid cooling solution. It’s priced right, quiet, reduced idle power consumption, and made the PC faster. What’s not to like?

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Skylake cannot handle the pressure.

Stress is difficult. Sometime almost impossible to deal with, and when that happens you’re forced to break, or bend, if you happen to be a CPU. Thankfully there doesn’t appear to be a “gate” associated with what is turning out to be quite an issue for some third-party HSF suppliers (see the Ars article for more detail and links). With […]

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ARCTIC Audio Relay – DLNA Audio Renderer


My first exposure to DLNA devices was lacking. It was the clunky standard that everyone “supported” in their own way, but no one really did well enough to call “working”. Fortunately it has slowly evolved on both the device and software layers to the place we are today, where DLNA is actually useful for many things like control and media […]

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Arctic Announces AMD Trinity Based SFF HTPC


With AMD’s Trinity APU/IPG coming in the near future it is great to see what OEMs are planning to do with the part. No word on price or timing, but Arctic has released a picture and some [subject to change without notice] specs for their next generation small form factor (SFF) HTPC built on the CPU/GPU combo. I think it […]

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