The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor TV Banner

The trailer I watched for ABC’s new show The Good Doctor was pitiful, leading me to have little faith it would become part of my weekly lineup. Had I not been on the hunt for shows to review, I likely never would have watched the first episode. The trailer felt uninspired and shallow; just one more example of how Hollywood […]

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ABC Signs Deals with Amazon and Netflix


I think we can officially say that ABC has embraced the future of streaming media over the Internet. First they buy up a stake in Hulu, then they sign a deal with Netflix. Now Netflix and Amazon both get a bit of ABC’s streaming love. ABC has extended their deal with Netflix, adding more shows along the way. At the […]

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Fall TV New shows for ABC

GeekTonic posted his new shows from CBS, FOX and now ABC. He has a very indept look at the new shows coming for the fall. Today we are focusing on his ABC line up. He has a great article with embedded video of previews of each of the new shows coming. They have shows like Last Man Standing (with Tim […]

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