• SVS SB-3000 Sealed Subwoofer

    SVS announced the new 3000 series subwoofers just before the 2018 holiday season. Similar to their other lines, it offers a ported (PB) and sealed (SB) version of the bass […]

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  • Homeseer HS-FS100-W Flood Sensor

    Here’s another quick review, but this time for the Homeseer HS-FS100-W flood sensor. After watching the video below, make sure that you check out how the Fibaro device handled the […]

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  • Fibaro Flood Sensor

    Going to try a new quick review format with the Fibaro Flood Sensor. Hopefully it works :). Quick device profile, note that the battery has 37% of life left after […]

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  • SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase

    I had my first chance to experience the Prime Wireless SoundBase in SVS’s CES suite about a year ago.  I can recall that even in its BETA-ness, it impressed. So […]

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  • The Rookie banner art

    The Rookie – ABC sends Castle to L.A.?

    Nathan Fillion’s new police show, The Rookie, needs to overcome the notion that it is just a veiled attempt to revive Castle.  However, starting later in the season could be […]

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  • Last Man Standing banner artwork

    Last Man Standing – Standing Tall or Falling Short?

    Cancelled after six seasons, FOX revived comedy Last Man Standing by bringing it to its own network this fall.  Still a hit with viewers when it was cancelled, many people […]

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  • Apple Screen Time

    Apple’s recent iOS12 release brought significant updates to the platform. The one I’m most interested is Screen Time. I was looking at an external parental control network device, for example […]

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Before You Buy A Home Theater Receiver – AV Receiver – Surround Sound Receiver

About.com has another great article covering the basic technology of receivers. They cover everything from the "More Watts is Better Myth" to defining decibels. This is a must read before you start out shopping for your next receiver. From the article: Don't base your buying decisions from a single specification, such as a Watts-Per-Channel rating. A single spec, taken out […]

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RazorVision HDMI video cable


Friends don't let friends buy expensive gimmicky A/V cables. The Razorvision from Belkin is about as bad as it gets with claims of improving your picture and bringing back lost detail. The $249 cable features "video processing" to bring out these qualities you never new you missed. From the article:  We honestly have to say that these $249 cables are […]

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Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote

The Logitech 1000, 1000 referring to the price I think, is Logitech's next remote in the Harmony line. $500 is nothing to sneeze at.  However, you do get a remote that is very similar to ones only seen in very expensive custom installations. I would pay a bit more if it offered an interactive solution to MCE or other popular […]

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Onkyo speakers use every part of the buffalo

If nothing else, the title to this article is great. Great titles aside, this $2,000 speakers from Onkyo uses the speaker enclosure and the speakers themselves to make the sound feel more like a larger speaker. You may have to wait in line, these handcrafted speakers come in runs of 50 pair per month. From the article:  If you want […]

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Google buys YouTube for $1.65 BILLION

Wow….um….don't know much to say other than wow. $1.65 Billion dollars in Google Stock now belong to YouTube. They say they're going to keep GoogleVideo alive, but I don't really see that seriously happening as they're the exact same product. Way to go YouTube guys…feel free to buy me a Porsche 🙂 

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missingremote version 1.0

As I mentioned in a forum post earlier today, after 1 week of being live we are officially releasing version 1.0 upon the masses. As with any 1.0 version, the majority of the work was getting all of the widgets and sprockets to work together in a harmonious manner. In this, was getting SMF and Joomla to work together, and […]

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ASUS EAX1600 XT Silent Video Card

In the market for a nice silent video card to warm up your media center's insides? This one will sure do that job, as well as cause you some headaches during installation. Another [H]ardOCP article, this time from their Enthusiast department…and yes, I also wonder just how many departments they have as well.   From the article: "The EAX1600 XT […]

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Vidabox HTPC Wireless Keyboard


Woohoo! My first news posting! Get used to them…as well as the sarcasm.    Vidabox jumps back to 1999 with their Wireless Keyboard with trackball reviewed over at [H]ardOCP's Consumer Site. Maybe I'm hallucinating, but this seems to be the same thing that I saw years ago, but now it has USB! But hey, if you're desparate to spend $90 […]

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Pioneer’s PDP-5070 HD 50

Digital Trends is taking a cue from Youtube and doing their reviews video style. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned, but I feel a video should compliment a text based review rather then replace. Once you get half way through the video and you are distracted by an enormous mole on the reviewer's neck, or worse yet you get […]

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Rotel RSX-1057 AV Receiver


The Rotel RSX-1057 is not heavy on features that you would expect on similarly priced Denon. Gone are the fancy iPod docks and satellite radio hookups here, the focus with this bad boy is to supply clean, stable power to your speakers. It supports basic switching with no upconversion and has a LAN connection that the reviewer does not talk […]

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