UniFi Network Controller 6.0.20 “stable” released

Ubiquiti released a major Unifi Controller update, moving from the 5.x family to 6.x. There are a lot of changes documented, and surely a lot more that aren’t. Personally, while UI labeled it “stable” I think it’s best to sit it out for a while – and I love playing with shinny new things :).

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Adam Zucker
Adam Zucker
2 years ago

I upgraded it on a WiFi only lab system here that has a cloud key and a few AP’s, and everything broke. I had to manually downgrade the controller, then reset it entirely, then manually upgrade it back to 5.14.23 followed by an import of my configuration backup. THEN I had to hard reset every AP, forget them in the config and adopt them again just to get everything to work. Wasted over an hour this morning on this mess.

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