UniFi Dream Machine Firmware 1.9.1

Has it been a week already? It would have been a long week for a lot of folks running the 1.9.0 firmware on their UDM/UDM-Pro. Personally, I’m going to wait another week because of how badly the last release went, but I’m also quite a bit more confident about the stability of this release, so maybe I’ll cut that short.

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Unifi UDM / UDM Pro Firmware 1.8.3

Ubiquiti has just release the 1.8.3 stable release for the UDM/UDM-Pro UniFi gateways. While this is a milestone for both, it is especially noteworthy for the UDM which has not received a stable release since early 2020. The change list is massive, so it’s probably a release you want to manage manually, with a good backup in hand.

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Ubiquiti Unifi Dynamic Wireless VLAN Assignment

If you have a USG, or USG-Pro, it is possible to use the built-in RADIUS server to dynamically assign a VLAN to wireless (or wired) clients based on the MAC id. While this works, it doesn’t have much flexibility and is difficult to maintain when the number of connecting devices goes up. This guide resolves that issue using freeRADIUS.

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