Does it matter how awesome the autonomous mode is if the other parts…

There was a time when I saw Cadillac as the pinnacle of what the automotive experience should be. But that was before I grew up, learned to drive, and experienced what competitive models had to offer… I want my car to look good – inside and out – as well as having great technology. Most importantly though, it has to be fast and fun to drive. So I don’t think no matter how awesome the autonomous mode is, and it sounds fantastic, I could overlook the shortcomings of the Cadillac CT6. Of course these are my preferences. No judgement; well maybe a little ;).

Cadillac’s flagship CT6 might not have the best interior in its class. It might not have the sharpest, track-honed handling. It doesn’t have a butter-smooth V12 engine. It definitely doesn’t have the best infotainment system. And yet, it is carrying the most exciting technology being offered in any production vehicle on sale in 2018.

Ars Technica