SVS announces Prime Elevation directional speaker

In an ideal world, we’d all have perfectly shaped theater rooms. With ample space to place speakers in all the right places to create the right sound now matter what. Unfortunately, architects and spouses don’t always allow for these environments to takes shape. That’s where the recently announced SVS Prime Elevation speaker comes in with an angled shape that lets you point the output in a more targeted way. Allowing us to get the best from the room we’ve been dealt :).

Mega Versatile SVS Prime Elevation Speaker Launches

SVS Prime Elevation soars as an uncompromised height effects speaker and as a front, center, rear surround, side surround and/or LCR speaker when ideal placement isn’t possible. 

Youngstown, OH – September 22, 2016 – SVS, manufacturer of high performance speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories, proudly announces availability of the SVS Prime Elevation Speaker. The SVS Prime Elevation takes speaker versatility to new heights as an uncompromised direct radiating height effects speaker for object based surround sound and also as a center, front, LCR, side surround or rear surround when ideal placement in a home theater isn’t possible. 

When done right, object based surround sound is the most immersive home audio experience available. In creating a height effects speaker for object based surround sound, SVS engineers didn’t believe existing solutions, relying on sound bouncing off the ceiling from below, are an optimal approach because they require frequency response limiting and perfect room conditions to be effective. The SVS Prime Elevation is a direct radiating height effects speaker with the dynamics and refinement of a high end bookshelf speaker. Place it high on a wall near the ceiling and object based surround sound can be enjoyed at full fidelity in any room, without the compromises of ceiling bounce or in-ceiling speakers, for a more immersive and impactful audio experience. 

Since there is no sideways or upside down with the SVS Prime Elevation, the speaker also adapts to oddly shaped rooms, high ceilings and less than perfect placement locations for all the other speakers in a home theater as well. The angled front baffle, refined acoustics, and proprietary mounting hardware enable clear, dynamic sound in room’s where ideal placement of front, center, side or rear surround, and/or LCR speakers is not possible. It is acoustically engineered to perform exceptionally well in any role and adapts seamlessly to any surround sound set-up, even in the most challenging rooms.

The SVS Prime Elevation can be used in the following ways:

  • Down-Firing Height Effects Speaker – Placed high on a side wall, the directly radiated sound is a vast improvement over compromised “ceiling bounce” or in-ceiling solutions
  • Up or Down-Firing Front, LCR or Center Channel Speaker – Placed above or below the viewing area, directed at listener, when placement at ear level isn’t possible
  • Side or Rear-Firing Surround Speaker – Placed on side wall for rear effects or a rear wall for side effects when optimal placement is not possible

Beyond versatility, the SVS Prime Elevation takes ease of installation to new heights with the included Multi-Angle Wall Bracket (patent pending). The bracket allows users easily and securely mount the speaker on the wall in any of four directions: up or down-firing, and side or rear-firing, depending on how it’s being used, to get the best performance from anywhere in the room. It also features a universal mounting option with a ¼” 20TPI brass insert that works with many other kits. As a finishing touch, even the magnetic SVS logo on the front grille is adjustable to accommodate positioning.

“The SVS Prime Elevation is a product of vision and happenstance that was born when our engineers sought to invent the most realistic and immersive sounding height effects speaker possible,” said Gary Yacoubian, president, SVS. “When we decided to make it direct radiating, we thought, why not develop an incredibly versatile speaker that also delivers an awesome experience for the other home theater channels in rooms where perfect speaker placement isn’t possible.”

Featuring a rated bandwidth of 55 Hz – 25 kHz (+/- 3dB), the SVS Prime Elevation features a sophisticated SoundMatch crossover that seamlessly blends output from the light and efficient 1” aluminum dome tweeter and 4.5” polypropylene woofer. The optimized, angled front baffle affords the speaker its signature versatility and is designed with chamfers to reduce tweeter diffraction. The cabinet features a cast composite ABS and Glass Fiber woofer basket and acoustically inert enclosure to create a balanced speaker that works great for dialogue, action movie dynamics, dance music, vocals, sound effects and all other audio experiences.

Yacoubian continued, “Prime Elevation is an easy to install solution for audio fans who want the most immersive and exciting height effects experience possible, or for anyone who has an imperfect room but still wants an amazing sounding, immersive and uncompromised home theater experience.” 

The SVS Prime Elevation is sonically voiced to match with any of the company’s existing speakers and subwoofers. SVS currently manufacturers two full speaker lines, the Prime and Ultra Series, as well as a range of sealed, ported and cylinder powered subwoofers, and a line of SoundPath Audio Accessories.

The SVS Prime Elevation comes in three stunning finishes with a hand-painted satin baffle. Pricing for Prime Elevation is $199.99 each for Premium Black Ash, and $249.99 each for Piano Gloss Black and Piano Gloss White. For more information, please visit  or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.