RHT unleashes UHD Blu-ray database

UHD Blu-ray is a big step up from Blu-ray, and should be a huge step up from streaming. But history has a way of not picking winners solely on the techincal merits, so I’m not convinced that it has long term legs. Even so, if I had a 4K TV it would be hard not to pony up the $ for a player and a least a couple titles to show off said display when folks come calling :).

Unfortunately, not all UHD titles are 4K though so you may want to check RHT’s database when picking ouf your perfect demo material.

In March 2016 we finally see the launch of the UltraHD Blu-ray player format with a $400 player from Samsung and titles from many studios. These UltraHD discs will likely be the best sources of UltraHD content at home. This new format offers 10-bits per pixel instead of the 8-bits of Blu-ray for better gradients and less banding, wider color gamuts that are closer to what you see in the movie theater, high dynamic range with brighter highlights that better represent real life, and better compression for a sharper image. Overall the format is a big step-up from Blu-ray which is the best physical media format available.