Zipato @ CES 2015

I don’t remember seeing Zipato at CES last year, so when I noticed their unique Z-Wave ZIPABOX home automation controller (HAC) while roaming the show floor I made a point to stop in and have a look.

With all the change in the smart home space it can be tough to select the right hardware; with the HAC the most difficult because a mistake there can cut you off from some best-of-breed sensor or switch because your system lacks the right radio. The ZIPABOX addresses that by offering a modular design, where additional functionality (Zigbee, 433MHz, etc.) can simply be snapped on like a LEGO – brilliant!

I didn’t get a chance to play with the control UI, but it looked incredibly rich and flexible. This might make it less approachable to less technical end users, but nothing that you all wouldn’t enjoy digging into :).