Xi3’s Piston Gaming PC-Console-Steam System

I’m not quite sure I understand the motivation behind this box, but it is a unique and small looking package. Leveraging the steam OS–but I think it has a regular OS too? I’m not sure why someone would spend the money on this versus a Falcon, Maingear or other pre-built computer.


With one of Valve’s other announcements last week, Steam Machines finally put a name to the living room PC gaming initiative we’ve long heard about (what the press dubbed “Steambox”). Though we heard about Xi3’s Piston back at CES, and we knew about the company’s financial ties to Valve, it was unclear how tied its little modular gaming PC was to the initiative. Now, however, it’s more clear than ever: Xi3’s release date press release repeatedly describes the Piston as “the Piston Console,” meant to push up against the big three game console manufacturers. Sure, it costs $1,000 (and up), but it promises to handle modern PC games with aplomb. And it’s a tiny little box!