Slightly Bigger Intel NUC On The Way With 2.5″ Hard Drive Mount

As you know from our review of the D54250WYK Haswell NUC, while there are SATA & SATA power connectors on the board there isn’t any space in the chassis to use them. Intel has been hard at work on a chassis to address this, and I just got word that the target (read not 100% firm) release date is December for when the larger case, in Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i3 trims, should hit retail. I was told that it will look very similar to the existing model, just a bit taller and with some additional vents along the side, making it just about perfect for a super-small PVR (after adding a network/USB tuner) or highly portable and functional HTPC.

You’ll have to bear with my poor Photoshop, er… Paint.NET, skills because despite talents in other areas, the mockup/render is not within my natural domain :). UPDATE: Intel provided some pictures of the new chassis.

We’ll keep you updated on this, and other, NUC ecosystem products as they become available.

  • You haven’t come across any

    You haven’t come across any fanless cases for the new D54250WK yet?

    • Not yet. I hope to see some

      Not yet. I hope to see some interesting chassis at CES.

      • Streacom is apparently

        Streacom is apparently working on two updated version of their NUC case that will fit the new board as well as space for an additional 2,5″ drive…

  • Any idea if Intel is going to

    Any idea if Intel is going to sell the bigger case with the actual hardware inside as a different SKU? Or is the case basically sold as an add-on?