Gigabyte H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX Motherboard

We’ve had great success with Intel’s H55 chipset, and I was surprised to read that this is Gigabyte’s FIRST venture into a Mini-ITX motherboard! Pretty shocking for such a huge motherboard manufacturer.

GIGABYTE has grown a lot in the market lately. They mainly produce
top-notch quality motherboards and GPUs, and they have even entered new
areas as well. We couldn’t say they had a specific motherboard for each
user until they finally released their Mini-ITX H55N-USB3 motherboard.
Last year, Mini-ITX motherboards meant low CPU-performance. But in 2010,
things have changed and now you can build a very small PC with great
performance and good efficiency. Benchmark Reviews tests the GIGABYTE
H55N-USB3 motherboard paired with an Intel Core i3 530 processor and 4GB
of RAM to check which kind of performance we can expect from a Mini-ITX
HTPC system like this one.