How To View DirecTV’s New 3D Channels

I must admit I’m surprised how fast DirecTV has rolled out their 3D. I won’t be jumping on this bus, since I’m not a DirecTV subscriber nor have a 3D set, but if you do, here’s a good roundup of what you need to get started.


Once you have all the above, you will need to get the latest DirecTV software download.  It is version x3De and will automatically download to your HD DirecTV receiver or DVR. To learn which version you have, go to “System and Test” under “Set Up” on the DirecTV on-screen menu.  According to a DirecTV representative, the new software began downloading on 5/20/10. To date, HD Guru has not received the new version. Note: the legacy H20 and HR20 receivers will take the new software download but as stated above, will not send the 3D signal out of the box, resulting in a blank screen with a notice if you tune to 3D channel.