Bgears b-Envi MicroATX Case

Building an HTPC is one of those endeavors which can be
begun by basing your build upon your “must have” internal components and
finding a case to house your creation in…or…picking out the “perfect” HTPC
enclosure and then seeking out components that will fit that case.  Either way one might initially attack their
project a suitable result should occur.

If for whatever reason conventional type HTPC cases from
manufacturers like; SilverStone, OriginAE, Antec, etc don’t float your boat and
a mid tower is just too geeky for your entertainment pleasure pit then maybe a
small form factor case like a Shuttle might trip your trigger.

The b-Envi mATX case from Bgears might just be you trigger

Overclocklers Club

The Bgears b-Envi MicroATX case has made a huge buzz around the enthusiast world because of some truly amazing features. One key feature that really makes this case stand out from any others is that it has an LED touch panel for the power and reset buttons. But that alone won’t win me over, because in my mind, performance outweighs exterior appearance, and hopefully this case will be a great cooling solution. What other features does this case sport that will keep it above the competition? Could this be the first MicroATX case to be allowed into my home entertainment setup? Let’s dig in and find out!