AMD desktop CPU lineup revealed

Digitimes has the scoop on AMD’s newer Phenom line-up. Some tidbits of interest for the HTPC crowd include information about new ‘e’ series lower-wattage CPUs coming out, plus, sadly, a slight delay for the Phenom X4 9150e which is the buzzworthy Phenom aimed right at HTPC uses.


The company will begin production and take orders for the low-power Phenom X4 9350e (Agena) in the third quarter, while the low-power 8450e (Tollman) will see production begin in the second quarter, though order availability will not begin until the third quarter. The Phenom X4 9150e, which was originally planned to be launched in the second quarter, will not be available for orders until the third quarter, along with the 9350e. In the fourth quarter, AMD will launch another low-power CPU, while in the first half of 2009, the 45nm low-power quad-core Phenom CPUs (Propus) will appear in the market.