To Appeal to Women, Too, Gadgets Go Beyond ‘Cute’ and ‘Pink’

For my own safety, I'm going to simply stick to a quote & link for this story from the New York Times. Comment at your own risk…I have a hunch Jennyfur's got something to say about this 😛 And I know this isn't 100% home theater, but I couldn't help myself. Happy Friday!

NY Times

 Television makers have responded to more feminine considerations in several ways. Westinghouse Digital Electronics has recently released flat-panel liquid-crystal-display televisions – at the modest screen sizes of 32 and 40 inches that are more appealing to women – with built-in front-loading DVD players. Those are even more appealing to women, said Rey Roque, the company's vice president for marketing, because the room will not be cluttered with a black box to view DVDs, or another set of unsightly wires.