Write a Review of a Gadget: 9 Professional Tips to Follow

One of the common academic assignments is to compose a review. It’s a standard form of writing papers, which demands to provide an analysis and evaluation of a concrete piece. Commonly, students should review a book, article, other literature pieces or a movie. However, they may be assigned a specific task to highlight a gadget.

Today, the modern world can be hardly imagined without technological innovations. Therefore, you should not be surprised that you may be assigned to cover some gadgets. Mind that your review should be impartial. You should review the analyzed gadgets from different perspectives and draw fair conclusions. Of course, it’s allowed expressing your own attitude in the conclusion of your review. Tell whether you would like to use the gadget or no and provide reasoning.

Pay attention to the words “criticize” and “critique”. Your goal is not to make a negative evaluation of the studied subject. Critique may be positive too. Simply be honest with yourself and your readers.

This article explains how to compose a gadget review. The structure of this piece of writing is standard. It consists of:

  • Title;
  • Introduction;
  • Main body;
  • Conclusion;
  • References;

However, we want to focus on more specific points. They are related to the product you’re supposed to review. Consider the following guidelines:

  1. Know the product.
  2. Make a comparison.
  3. Rate the product.
  4. State the obvious.
  5. Use images.
  6. Direct the title.
  7. Mention the price.
  8. Introduce the pros and cons.
  9. Conclude.

Let’s review the guidelines in some greater details. The following 9 professional writing tips are provided by Custom Writings top-rated writing service on the market.

Tip #1

Undoubtedly, you must really know the product you are going to highlight. For example, you have chosen a smartphone. It is good if you or one of your mates owes it. It’s an extremely great opportunity to try all its possibilities on your own and understand how good it is. If you don’t have the studied gadget, use other methods. Firstly, visit a local store and find the necessary device. Ask a competent consultant to make a brief overview of the product. Try its functionality too. You may likewise read a manual on the Internet.


Secondly, read online reviews. A device may look alright when you hold it in the store. However, you don’t possess it long and cannot see how it functions after a durable work. Customers’ reviews will provide you with a better understanding of their quality and dependability. These methods are actually your scientific researches. Of course, you should read some other literature sources.

Tip #2

If you want to define the pros and cons of any product, it’s better to make a comparison. Find a similar gadget and if possible, of a competitive company. Review their functions and try to identify which one is better. Compare every feature from battery capacity to some advanced functions of the Internet and multitasking functions. That’s how you may realize the full potential of the gadget.

Tip #3

After you complete the initial research stage, you should rate the product. Use the scale of 10. Give a rate ranging from 1 to 10. No matter what your final grade would be, you ought to clarify and justify your rating. Go through every feature and tell why something is great and something works inappropriately. This is a good method for your writing. Make notes and use them in your review. Thus, you will have proper examples of the main indications of the smartphone you analyze.

Tip #4

Another good way to generate more ideas to cover is to state the most obvious points about your product. Analyze the basic features and rate each of them separately. Make a list of the main things every user would spot. These are the color, outlook, design, menu, main functions, extra functions, battery capacity, the quality of images and videos, and so on. Afterward, you should implement these features into the text.

Tip #5

Use some pictures. We can bet your professors will like that idea. When students compose different pieces of writing, they are expected to reveal their creative potential. Don’t simply write monotonous text. Make a vivid structure adding tables, bullet-lists, and images. The use of images is beneficial for the paper of this type. You give an evaluation of a digital device and your readers would like to see at least its design and a few screens of the menu. Fulfill this task and you’ll acquire additional grades for the creativity.

Tip #6

You ought to specify or direct your title. Such titles as “outstanding gadget” or “a bad device” don’t work. They are too “dry” and boring. You should make your title catchier. Use something like “The Most Multi-Functional Gadget of Its Kind”.

Tip #7

The price means a lot for the customers. As you make a full review of a gadget, you should add the price to the list. It’s one of the main qualities because some devices are not worth paying for them. Compare the ratio of quality and price and define whether the cost is fair.

Tip #8

Make the full enumeration of the major advantages and disadvantages of the product. You should be objective. Therefore, don’t hide any drawbacks even if they are awful.

Tip #9

Finally, draw your conclusion. Be concise and straight to the point. Tell whether the product is worth a try. Interpret your opinion and provide clear reasoning.


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