6 Ways Technology Has Changed Home Security

Protecting your home takes effort, but technology takes the hard work out of security monitoring. New developments in security capabilities and camera technology have made it easier and cheaper than ever before to use video surveillance to protect what’s yours. Here are some of the ways that technology has changed home security.

Wire-Free Installation

Modern home security systems do not have to include a cumbersome installation process. In fact, some security camera systems have very little in the way of installation because they are wireless or wire-free. These technological developments make having camera security more accessible than ever before, and many systems even offer a do-it-yourself installation option.

Remote Monitoring

Technology has also enabled remote monitoring. Many modern security camera systems allow you to check in on your home or business from wherever you are in the world. Using an internet connection and a little cloud computing, you can even receive alerts when motion is detected on your property, when someone rings a doorbell or when there is a person within a set proximity to your camera.

Color Night Vision

Modern systems also offer Color Night Vision. Older security cameras were limited to black-and-white recording, and they often did not recognize enough tonal variations for you to see much of anything — especially at night. Today’s security cameras can record full color in low-light conditions, giving you greater details, from the color of a car parked outside your home to the color of the hoodie of the suspicious person caught on your recording.


Home security cameras also have better resolution than ever before. Many systems are available with 1080p, which is more than what many television sets could offer at the turn of the century. The availability of high-resolution is vital because it can help you identify trespassers and vandals quickly and with enough detail that you can bring those individuals to justice.

Two-Way Audio

Modern home security camera systems frequently offer two-way audio as well. This feature lets you hear what is going on at your camera locations and hold a conversation if need be. You can use this feature to converse with delivery drivers, scare off thieves, talk to your pets or check in with employees.

Ultra-Wide Angles

Thanks to new technology, home security camera systems are also able to offer wide-angle viewing. Early systems were limited in how much they could see. This may not have been an issue if you were monitoring a hallway, but it is a real problem when you are trying to watch a larger area. Today’s ultra-wide angles can see 140 degrees.

Home security has changed quite a bit in recent years. Several years ago, camera features such as wire-free installation, color video, high-resolution, night vision, two-way audio and ultra-wide angles were only available on the most expensive systems and often there was a trade-off. Today, the best security systems offer a number of these benefits in one affordable security system.

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