Holiday wishlist

My family always tells me that I’m impossible to shop for, and there’s definitely some truth to it. I’m quite particular, not just about what I want, but down to the specific model of a thing. So every year I make a list to make my wife happy, then watch it get ignored. While there’s definitely value in exercise, this go around I thought I’d share – maybe save someone time when shopping for their particular geek.

  • FLIR ONE ($250/£199): I keep telling myself that this smartphone attached thermal camera would be incredibly useful for the site, but the price has kept my finger off the buy button since launch. Naturally, it’s a lot easier when someone else does it (even if it comes from the same place). I’m an Android user, but should your taste before iOS, there is also a version for you. Sorry Windows Mobile users, you’re out in the cold.

  • Fitbit Charge HR ($150/£93): A while back I asked for your input on picking the best fitness wearable. Comments on the site were, um…, sparse but thankfully Twitter came to the rescue with the Charge HR’s cost advantage (though sadly, diminished since then), orange-ness, and broader support pushing it into the victory lap.

  • Roku 2 2015 ($59/£60): As cool as the Roku 3’s voice and WiDi control might be, I don’t want more than one remote on the table and I don’t fancy having a chat with my streamer. Which means that the IR and IP API that the Roku 2 provide will do just fine. If I had a 4K TV the Roku 4 would be worth a shot, although reports of fan noise and overheating issues mean that maybe it’s best to wait for the “2016” rev of that guy even if you do. If no one else bits, I’ll definitely snap up myself, no need to clear the expenditure.

  • Nvidia Shield K1 ($200/£N/A): There are no good Android tablets, the market just stopped when Google made the Nexus 7. They’ve all sucked since. But, there may be hope after all. The Shield has been getting great reviews for its build quality, performance, and stock-ness. I’m not totally convinced that I really need an Android tablet (my phablets are doing quite fine thanks), but sometimes I do find myself wishing for just a bit more screen size and the price is quite attainable. Hmm…

  • Nvidia Shield TV ($199/£149): I’m not sold yet on Android TV, but the local file playback capabilities, app catalog, and the hope that Google has finally created a living room OS that doesn’t suck keep me interested in the platform. Of the options the Shield TV is the best (hands down), and it’s not crazy money either.

  • Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation ($500/£220): This is a late addition, born of a loooong plane over from the UK to Chicago. Really wish I had a pair of these for the flight over.