Optoma HD20 DLP Projector Review

Optoma HD 20 Projector

For <$1000 you could be rocking a 1080p projector and watching a 100" screen.  That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the price of the larger LCD and plasma sets on the market.  If I had a large enough room to arrange and accommodate a projector, I’d be seriously considering this one. Optoma has upped the bar with […]

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ABC may be removed from Cablevision on Sunday

It would seem that ABC and Cablevision are have another lover’s quarrel.  You know what that means…  That’s right, Cablevision’s paying customers will probably be made to suffer! The dispute centers on whether Cablevision should start paying fees to carry WABC-TV as part of its basic package. The dispute has been festering for two years, the station said, and it’s […]

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Upgrading to the Harmony 890

880 vs 890

As my wife and I planned the new layout of our TV room (which I know I still need to post about), I quickly realized that I would need to replace my Harmony 880 with an RF remote.  Due to cost constraints, I couldn’t go with my Christmas wish of the Universal Remote MX-880 and settled for the Harmony 890, […]

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