Plex VR now available on Lenovo Mirage Solo headset

Not sure how I missed the original Plex VR announcement, so let’s pretend that didn’t [not?] happen now that the feature has been extended to the headset. It also supports any Daydream enabled Android phone as well as specialize VR hardware including Gear VR and Oculus. If you have the necessary kit (sadly I do not), have a play and […]

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nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon Ergonomic tech seating

As a frequent couch keyboard, mouse and laptop user I always put my devices on my lap or a couch cushion. A lap or couch cushion is not the most ergonomic solution but readily available. The nerdytec COUCHMASTER Cycon retails for $149.00. It is an intriguing lap desk concept to solve the ergonomics of marathon computer and gaming sessions. As […]

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