More Open Apps Marketplace Rumored for Xbox 360

Rumors have circulated before that Microsoft was planning on opening up the development platform for the Xbox 360 to allow for an app store. It is no secret that the upcoming dashboard update will add an Apps section and a link to an Apps Marketplace, but these apps are going to fit the current mold of app deployment on the […]

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UFC Comming to Xbox Live December 1st

Today Major Nelson on his blog announced a press release that UFC is coming to Xbox Live. This is on the heels of the Live TV announcements from Microsoft. Every day we are hearing about more and more content that will be coming to the Xbox Live Fall 2011 dashboard update. UFC is one of those interesting trends that has […]

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Microsoft Announces New Xbox 360 TV Partners

The rumors have been flying for a while about Microsoft bringing television to the Xbox Live service, and now Microsoft has finally gotten official about what we can expect to see in the Xbox 360’s fall update. The result is a healthy mix of new video providers and services in the US and internationally. Two big names that have been […]

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