The Good Doctor

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The trailer I watched for ABC’s new show The Good Doctor was pitiful, leading me to have little faith it would become part of my weekly lineup. Had I not been on the hunt for shows to review, I likely never would have watched the first episode. The trailer felt uninspired and shallow; just one more example of how Hollywood […]

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The Orville

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I have never been a big fan of Seth MacFarlane. When I heard about him starring in a Star Trek-like TV show, it was no surprise that I immediately set my phasers to stunned. However, after watching a trailer for the show, my interest was slightly piqued by the possibilities. The visuals looked fairly impressive and the comedic slant could […]

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Fall TV Season Delivers a Mixed Bag in Prime Time

Seems like networks are more quick to respond to ratings this season than ever before. Apparantly some shows getting cut in as fast as two episodes. Ouch! I’m on board with most of the new popular ones–Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow. I’ve had Brooklyn Nine Nine on my DVR for weeks, just can’t be bored enough to try to watch it […]

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