Vizio Announces Google TV-Powered Co-Star

Vizio Co-Star

Vizio recently announced the Co-Star. The Co-Star, previously known as the VAP430, is Vizio’s take on Google TV. Like all Google TV set top boxes, the Co-Star is intended to sit between your cable or satellite box and your TV. It sounds like Vizio has gone to some length to create a fresh, clean overlay UI and is looking to […]

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Comcast Looking to iPad Apps for Cable Set Top Box UI

Comcast App

Comcast is in the process of developing a new UI for their set top cable boxes. Known as Xcalibur, Comcast has been approaching the development of the UI with an eye to what consumers are becoming accustomed to on other devices. The goal is a UI that supports apps that tie into online services while displaying richer content information in […]

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ATT U-verse Set-Top Boxes go Wireless

With all of the talk of wireless lately, why not add AT&T U-verse into the mix. Starting Monday October 31st (Happy Halloween) AT&T will be releasing an additional box that will convert your U-verse set-top box into an all wireless device (not including HDMI and power cables). If you have constraints in your home of not being able to run […]

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Installing Pace RNG110 Set Top Box FireWire Drivers


As anyone who has used a set top box (STB) with infrared (IR) blasters can attest; while they work most of the time even a minuscule failure rate is not acceptable with spouse acceptance factor (SAF) on the line.  So when something besides IR is available to execute channel changes is available, the additional reliability is a welcome addition.  So […]

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