Roundup – October Never Sleeps Edition

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It is no secret that October tends to be a big month for those interested in technology. With companies gearing up for the holiday shopping season and jockeying to one-up the competition in pursuit of the dollars destined to stream out of our wallets, October tends to be a poor month to take a vacation if you spend your free […]

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OpenELEC 2.0 Release Candidate 1 Released


I know what I will be doing this weekend. I’m all for beta software, but media center software usually has to at least hit the release candidate stage before I am willing to try it out on the rest of the family. Well, OpenELEC 2.0 RC1 has been released and I have just the system to try it out on.  For […]

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OpenELEC Version 1.0 Released


Version 1.0 of OpenELEC has been released to the public. OpenELEC, or Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center, is a Linux distro built from the ground up to serve one purpose: to run XBMC. Version 1.0 of OpenELEC has been released to the public. With Linux stripped down and rebuilt to serve the needs of XBMC, the OpenELEC team are promising an […]

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