Tim Burton hits on HD DVD

Ommpla Loompas in HD! Better yet, Oompa Loompa songs in HD and surround sound. What a glorius age we live in :). Warner Studios has confirmed that a few of Tim Burton's hits will be making its way to the small screen on Oct. 18, 2006. Hits like Corpse Bride, Polar Express and of course Charlie And The Charlie Factory […]

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High Def DVD FAQ

About.com has a nice beginners guide to the next generation DVD formats. The key point to remember that can be taken from this article is that both Blu-ray and HD DVD players will be compatible with the current DVD format. In fact, most players will upscale to the same resolution as Blue-ray or HD DVD. This won't give current DVDs […]

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Xbox360 HD DVD Playback

Details on laucnh date and pricing are a little slim, however, EngadgetHD have a bit more information regarding the technical abilities of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player. The good news is that it will support 1080P HD DVD and convert all other formats to 1080p. To get that 1080p output, you will require VGA hookup, if not you are […]

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