Griffin Beacon for Android Reviewed

Griffin Beacon Android

We’ve reviewed a couple of different mobile device-based universal remote control systems. Some are platform specific, such as the VooMote Zapper, which is geared toward iOS devices. Others come in multiple flavors, such as the Griffin Beacon. We reviewed the Griffin Beacon with an iPhone. At the time an Android version was still in the works. Now that it is available, […]

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Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Now for Android

We recently reviewed the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote. At the time, the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote only worked with iOS devices, but today Griffin has announced a version for use with Android devices. Given that the actual device connects to the phone via Bluetooth, I was little surprised that it requires a separate SKU. I would have assumed that adding […]

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Griffin Beacon Universal Remote for iPhone

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote

The idea of universal remotes is nothing new, as is the idea of interactive smartphones. What has only been done sparingly, and mainly with home theater PC (HTPC) focused consumers in mind, has been the leveraging of your smartphone with your home theater. Griffin has made a name for itself for more general consumer electronics components, but is aiming to […]

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