Is Hulu Coming to Media Center?


Fellow MVP Chris Lanier has some ideas as to what the Microsoft store concept leaks which came out last week might mean for Media Center. Some interesting thoughts indeed…. Chris Lanier I don’t believe that the content providers are interested in seeing Hulu on the big screen as it would jeopardize traditional content delivery. Hulu’s entry into the 10-foot UI […]

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The Media Center Show #216 – MCEZone and WHS PP3

It’s Thursday! Besides being almost the end of another week, it also means it’s time for another one of Ian’s Media Center Podcasts! This week up, Ian’s got an interview with MCML Developer Brian Baskerville as well as Windows Home Server MVP Andrew Edney to discuss Power Pack 3. Show Times: 00:23 Coming up this week 01:31 Recorded TV Manager […]

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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 37: Part 2

I’m dissapointed to say I still haven’t had a chance to listen to Part 1, but I heard it was a pretty good discussion between Extenders and PC’s. Part 2 is now up, so looks like I have some catching up to do. TheDigitalMediaZone Welcome back to part 2 of our discussion on PCs and Extenders with Ben Drawbaugh and […]

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The Media Center Show #215 – Zune HD

Another week, another reliable Media Center show podcast from Ian! This week up he has Jason Dunn up to discuss all things Zune and a potential future marriage with Xbox. It can only be so long before these things play apart, right? No mention of Media Center integration with it though, *sigh* Show Times: 00:23 Coming up this week 01:15 […]

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The Media Center Show #214 – Chris Lux

Chris Lux, Media Center enthusiast, is up this time with Ian on his weekly podcast on everything Media Center…along with some news and coverage from the past week, so give it a listen! Show Times: 00:23 Coming up 01:15 How To Build A Great Media Center For Your Home 01:42 Media Center Integrator Alliance Offers Training at CEDIA Expo 2009 […]

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Does Microsoft Allow Employees to Talk to Each Other?

Some very fair and very astute observations as to the many heads which Microsoft manages, and unfortunately the instances where they step over each other for the disservice of the end user. It makes staying loyal to Microsoft difficult when everything doesn’t play together nicely–ahem….I love my Zune, yet absolutely zero MCE integration to make life easier. The Digital Media […]

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