The BTLE/Wi-Fi (via hub installed within BTLE range) enabled LOCKLY deadbolt is one of the fuller featured smart locks I’ve run across. Naturally it has the keycode entry method, but not only do the numbers move for extra security, it also sports a fingerprint reader. Oh, and a physical key – if you’re into that sort of thing. It also […]

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Nest x Yale Lock Deadbolt

My husband has wanted a smart deadbolt since he saw one on This Old House a few years ago. I resisted that request till now. With other Nest devices in the house, I thought I try out the long-promised Nest x Yale Lock. Pricing for the smart deadbolt starts at $249, but it needs a Nest Connect or Nest Secure […]

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Kwikset Announces Updated Connected Deadbolt


No Home Automation (HA) is really complete without connected deadbolts making it possible to manage access. Which is exactly why I have the original Kwikset Z-Wave locks in my home. Frankly, I’m a big fan and there’s a lot to like about the locks, especially SmartKey which lets you re-key the locks whenever you want without involving a locksmith. There […]

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