Amazon Expands Prime with E-book Lending

Amazon Prime

Amazon today introduced the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library which allows Kindle owners to borrow one e-book a month directly from Amazon with no due dates or late fees. Now I know that e-books are not the type of thing we usually cover here at Missing Remote, but this is an interesting announcement even for us media mavens because of how […]

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Amazon Adds PBS to Instant Streaming


It looks like Amazon is making more and more content deals.  Added to what they already have available on Prime Instant Video is now have PBS content.  I know that with small kids in the house we watch a lot of it.  Maybe it’s time to take another look at our streaming service around here… We’ve now licensed TV programs […]

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Amazon to Buy Netflix?


After the uproar created by previous Netflix announcements, this is right in line with what I had said might be the–seemingly ludicrous–reasoning behind the creation of a second business unit.  From the customer perspective, it sucks, but from a business perspective, it would have been precisely what was necessary.  Obviously, this is pure speculation on everyone’s part, but time will […]

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Hulu Bidders Have a Few Reservations


When I first heard that Hulu would entertain offers of a buyout, I thought there would not be a large market of potential buyers. Since Hulu is owned by major content providers, licensing TV shows was not much of a problem because profits would flow back to the content provider’s income statement.  However, if Comcast, Disney, Newscorp, etc. sold Hulu […]

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Amazon Prime Instant Video signs new license agreement with NBCUniversal continues to sign new license agreements and bolstering their online streaming catalogue. With the latest deal, Prime Instant Video will have more than 9,000 movies and tv shows available to stream to subscribers. now has a licensing agreement with NBCUniversal Domestic TV Distribution that allows Amazon Prime members to stream select Universal Pictures movies through Prime Instant […]

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Amazon Beefs Up Prime Streaming Catalog

It’s good to see Amazon sticking behind it’s streaming service, which you get for free with a Prime subscription for $79/year. More than affordable, but I would hope they will increase their HD offerings. Anyone here fully switch from Netflix to Amazon for streaming? Unfortunately, many of the added TV shows were not in high definition (HD). When we last […]

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