Microsoft Confirms Media Center will be Included with Windows 8


It’s quite amazing that anyone believed Microsoft was removing Windows Media Center (WMC) from Windows 8. There has been absolutely no evidence to suggest that it would be yet, apparently due to leaked private Windows 8 builds not including WMC, some Chicken Little-types decided that was their smoking gun. Steven Sinofsky of Microsoft confirmed in today’s edition of the Building Windows […]

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Windows 8 May Not License Dolby; Dolby Shares Tumbling


Dolby revealed today to investors that iterations of Windows 8 currently do not utilize Dolby technologies and they are preparing to support OEMs if licensing is not included in the commercial release of Windows 8. Currently, Dolby shares (DLB) are crashing down on the news. So what does this mean for home theater PC enthusiasts? If Dolby is not licensed, […]

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