Joe Kane outlines Rec. 2020’s limitations

Color me better educated. I’m not willing to pony up the $500 for the full talk, but there was still plenty of good information in this write up of Joe Kane’s presentation on the limitations of Rec. 2020 in practical applications. I certainly wasn’t aware that even though the standard will be used, it’s impractical to actually make a display that makes it work.


Joe Kane (Joe Kane Productions) presented a talk titled “The Ultimate UHD TV System.”  Mr. Kane specializes in the sciences of electronic imaging and accurately reproducing video signals on display devices.  He’s a very standards-oriented person, and believes, for example, the colorimetry of a display should match the colorimetry of the video standard of the content being shown.  If the content is based on Rec. 709 (HDTV) colorimetry, the display should have Rec. 709 color primaries.

While this approach sounds obvious, it is not always accepted and hardly accepted at all in the world of mass-market consumer electronics.  Part of the problem is Rec. 709 colorimetry, which is used in HDTV worldwide, actually has a relatively small color gamut.  It not only cannot reproduce all the colors in the real world, it cannot reproduce the added colors animators, special effects people and consumers would like to see on TV.

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