HDBaseT Products Announced at CEDIA 2013


It might seem a little strange at first that the backend of this Integra AVR has two RJ-45 plugs, but it isn’t. What we’re seeing here is one of the first retail AVR with HDBaseT built in – very slick! The technology is [unfortunately] still relegated mostly to the high-end CI market, but it’s great to see this, and an enormous list of other products, being announced at CEDIA 2013. Hopefully we’ll continue to see this market grow, and expand closer towards the demanding DIY enthusiast.

Follow the link to see the full breakdown of switches, extenders, transmitters and receivers.

DENVER – September 23, 2013 – a number of HDBaseT Alliance members will unveil their newest HDBaseT-enabled components during the CEDIA EXPO 2013 event this week.

“CEDIA attendees will see an impressive number of diverse HDBaseT-enabled products that will enable them to leverage HDBaseT from end-to-end,” said Micha Risling, Marketing Committee Chair, the HDBaseT Alliance. “HDBaseT has become a global digital connectivity standard in just a few short years because of the innovation and commitment of the HDBaseT Alliance members.”



  • Nice to see a slew of

    Nice to see a slew of products coming out that support it.  But I’m a bit weary of doing any AVR upgrades right now with HDMI 2.0 devices right on the horizon.

    • Agreed, for upgrades. If you

      Agreed, for upgrades. If you are doing a build now and don’t have an AVR I don’t know that HDMI 2.0 is important enough to delay (wake me up when we have 4K content :)).

      • babgvant wrote:

        (wake me up


        (wake me up when we have 4K content :)).


        That’s what I’m waiting for before my next major overhaul of everything.  While looking into stuff on HDMI 2.0, I came across http://hdguru.com/hdmi-2-0-what-you-need-to-know/  The section on some UHD TV having faster HDMI chips that may be upgradable to HDMI 2.0 via a firmware update intrigued me.  I don’t know if it’ll matter with standard AVRs (or if HDMI 2.0 will just pass through without issue), but for devices using HDBaseT, I wonder which ones might have a faster chipset that could be upgraded to support the next gen standard.