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      Ive had my card for better part of a year now with it is happing more lately,about once every 3 day. i dont have SDV in vegas and i only watch copy freely, we dont subscribe to showtime, HBO ect.

      looking in the tuner logs but like you said not sure how to read for the error to help with reporting a bug, but can confirm it is happening. 


      edit: i have 2 cards now

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        This has happened to me as well. I plan to also  file a bug report with ceton when it happens again

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          I wanted to add that i also manually applied the firewall ports on client and server




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            WOW that was great, script was the perfect fit.

            no mas WMC on my concurrent  RDP of HTPC


            Thank you

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              thanks for the script , i get on it soon and report results Smile

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                [quote=Mike Garcen]

                not sure i’m following…why would you want to do this at all?


                yes im ussing concurrent sessions and

                the idea is that i would be able to work on htpc without MC starting up


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                  Thanks, for the confermation, ceton pcie in 08 R2 and network sharing them to the VM. next time i do a bare metal ill be giving it a try. 

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                    Thanks andrew,


                    that was it works great just some teeking for each shows commercials example Rizzoli & Isles  the 3rd commercial is not skipped


                    O.K. Got it…

                    On a W7 Ult. VM running DVRMS and Show Analyzer

                    DVRMS setting are:

                    prefered analyzer set to = automatic
                    File watcher = set to watch recorded TV folder \ServerNameRecorded_TV
                    commercial skip path set to + a folder named \ServerNameRecorded_TVCommercialXML CommercialXML —‘that i created in the WHS 2011 Recorded TV folder”—

                    Show Analyser:

                    under settings,

                    Scheduler = i enabled Directory watcher then a little lower i identified the TV directory to watch
                    Output tab = set the where to the folder on server \ServernameCommercialXML just above that i set it to “LIVE” and everything else below to “NEVER”
                    On Queue tab = started directory watcher and at the bottom of that area i ran Analyze now

                    Now on the Client that i wanted to watch the commercial skipping shows on :

                    i ran DTB http://babgvant.com/…entry20437.aspx

                    Andy did mention you could just run DTB add in. which i may try just to reduce total volume size with


                    prefered Analyzer = to be Showanalyzer

                    output directory = \servernamerecordedTvcommercialXML
                    file watcher = \servernamerecorded_tv

                    my client HTPC for this has a OCZ 50GB SSD OS and a 500GB Drive for recorded TV till being moved to server at midnight by WMC ” i will probably make it direct to server but its a nice backup plan when i take server offline ” very cool since i havent had this working when i switched the whole house to 64bit and windows 7 :)

                    Make sure all folder are shared,

                    I’m sure i will still have to fine tune some of the shows “skip points” but this is at least doing all the CPU intensive work on the VM and not on my HTPC while im watching a show

                    at some point ill share my ceton tuners with the VM and do the recording on it as well or try a silicon dust network tuner at some point :)

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                       If your PC is setup to share public folders you just need to configure the client PCs to use the CommericalsXML folder on the main box, if it’s not share the folder first then setup the client.


                      O.K. i catching on..

                      so if i am running DVRMS and SA on my VM and it is sending the XML files to a folder in Recorded TV called commercialXML on WHS 2011 that folder must be shared with the remote HTPC/Extender.

                      now on the HTPC do i need to have DVRMS installed or SA or nothing to enable the skipping, to clarify.. what is using the xml on the remote HTPC


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                        the short answer is

                        that although i get the xml,txt,VIH files in the same folder as the WTV shows when i stream them to my HTPC thet dont auto skip


                        do you have an updated step by step setup i can review for accuracy of my current setup

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