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    Hello friends,

    its been a long-time as my set-up has been meeting my needs for a while now without issue.


    but there is one small nagging problem that is finally prompting me to action:


    its my wireless keyboard, an nmediapc model# mcekb. I don’t have a large room so the receiver is only maybe 6′ away from the keyboard when using it and is either in direct line of site or just barely blocked by the edge of the coffee table. Yet i frequently have keypresses that don’t register. I suspect its from interference (there are a large number of wireless networks in the area) so I am looking for something new.

    I like having a keyboard with built-in trackpad/ball, though i dont care if its full-size. what i really is something that is going to register all my keystrokes, all day, everyday. I thought BT, but reading reviews for the dinovo mini suggest that BT really isn’t any better on that account.

    So, any recommendations?


      About 2 years ago when the power company installed wireless meters, it killed my logitech wireless gaming mouse.  It began getting ghost signals that made it worthless, even from a foot away from the receiver. (apparently a common problem with the wireless meters and some devices).  But my htpc keyboard was able to keep working great despite that.  I run it from about 15′ away (and through a wall).  It’s an IOGEAR GKM561R.  I can’t be sure that your interference won’t be a problem with it, but if you’ve got a store nearby that carries it, give it whirl and return it if it doesn’t.


        I’ll second the IOGEAR recommendation. I use the same keyboard, works great even where other models have struggled. That said, try adding in a USB extension cable b/w the PC & dongle it makes a huge difference in range.

        Skip the dinovo mini, it’s a POS.


          I have the Logitech diNovo Mini and also the Logitech K400.  I like the “look” of the diNovo Mini — it doesn’t look out of place sitting on a coffee table in a living room.  But it is flakey and frequently drops the connection.  Getting it connected again is simply a matter of unplugging and replugging the dongle, but it’s a nuisance.  I think this is mostly due to the fact that it uses Bluetooth   I put up with it for the elegance of the device.


          The Logitech K400, on the other hand, is pretty much rock solid.  Instead of Bluetooth, it uses Logitech’s own wireless technology — the Unifying Receiver.  It never drops, and it the touchpad is much more accurate.  The keyboard is close to full-size, but it’s more like 3/4 size.  I think I bought for $30 or so on sale.  I keep it tucked away and only use it when I need to do more “lengthy” tasks, or if I need to use F keys (which the diNovo lacks).  Plus there’s a switch to turn it off when you’re not using it, which is nice.  My only criticisms is that they keys are a bit cramped and mushy for extensive typing (but fine for HTPC use).  The right click can be finicky unless you press it pretty deliberately.


          Lenovo also makes a small multimedia keyboard/remote that competes with the diNovo.  Never used it, but it gets good reviews.  Get the backlit one.


          I considered the IOGEAR keyboard when I bought the diNovo.  Never used it, but it seems like a solid recommendation.


            that IOGEAR is only ~$35 on amazon, I think thats definitely worth taking a chance on. it can’t really be any worse than my current keyboard (which to be fair, hasn’t been terrible and has lasted years under abusive conditions. also, it could very well be the wireless gas meter that is the trouble. we do have those.)


            thanks everyone


            and ps. i do use a usb extension cord to get the rf dongle out from behind the computer. it did make a difference, but not enough of one.


              Well, I’m typing this from the IOGEAR keyboard (thanks amazon prime!). So far its exactly what I wanted in terms of registering keystrokes, and I like the slightly smaller size and shape better than my old one, so thats a bonus. about the only thing i dont like better is the mouse buttons, which feel a little janky, but with all the good reviews I expect that they will hold up well enough.


              thanks for the help.


                I use Logitech K400r keyboards all throughout my house and they work excellent

                Night Rider

                  I have a Microsoft Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition
                  that still works very well with Windows 7 Media Center.
                  Provided you have line of site to the IR receiver it works great.


                    I’d have to agree with the MS XP MCE keybard. My only issues with it are, no backlighting, the thumbstick takes a long time to get use to and once the battteries start to lose juice the thumstick gets laggy. 

                    I am looking for a replacement for Father’s day and I want backlighting, touchpad and media controls.

                    i’ll take a look at the IO Gear one above. Since the Amazon reviews slam the Logitech keyboards for bad battery life, short timeouts on the backlighting, and radio interference.



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                        Recently got the keyboard which works really well.


                          I also purchase some set of personal computers for my institute.

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