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      I think that it would be a good idea to have one place where I (and eventually others) can answer questions about PHT chassis.
      Instead of answering individually questions by e-mail – I will answer all questions here.
      No other brands here, please.



        How do you like this chassis?
        Full aluminum. Dim.: 197x197x80mm.


          I like it.

          Am I seeing it correctly that the lid “floats” above the chassis to allow for vertical convection?




              I received TC3 today.  First impression: Top quality. 
              I will test it during the weekend.  I am wonder how is going to work without chassis fans.  I let you know.
              Set of pictures is [URL=]here[/URL]


                I tested this chassis for many hours today.
                Mobo: ASRock H81M-ITX
                CPU: Intel G3220 3.0GHz
                Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB F3-12800CL8D-4GBRM
                150W Pico PSU
                I installed WIN7/32 bit and Prime 95/32 bit and started stress test.

                Ambient temperature – 20 ºC (68 ºF)
                CPU temp. – 76 ºC
                Motherboard temp. – 51 ºC
                CPU Fan – 2340 rpm


                  Hi Guys. What do you think about medium width chassis?
                  326 x 290 x 100mm (13 7/8 x 11 1/2 x 4″)

                  Short pipes available.  More pictures are here.






                    Is that just ITX (read-good)? I like the look of it, full-size PCIe option (would be a good place to put a Ceton ITV PCIe; heat would rise straight out of the case), potential for dual width dGPU (for those inclined) and the passive HSF. Very clean.

                    Does it fit a 3.5″ drive?


                      Motherboard Support: Mini ITX and micro ATX
                      Hard Drive Bays: 3*2.5′ or 1*2.5’+2*3.5′
                      Optical Drive Bays: 1*Slim slot loading.


                        Do you know why they design cases like this that support mATX (does the market research support it)? You can’t get the full value out of mATX in a chassis like this, and there are intrinsic compromises for designing for both board sizes that ITX users must now live with.


                          Guys, how do you like this design?
                          I call this bookshelf computer. You can put it between books because vents are on the top and on the bottom.

                          Material: All Aluminum
                          Motherboard Support: Mini ITX
                          Hard Drive Bays: 1*3.5’+1*2.5′
                          Optical Drive Bays: 1*Slim slot loading
                          Dimension: 250*250*160mm(W*D*H)
                          Available Color: Silver/Black or Customize, Sandblasted finish
                          USB Ports: 2*USB3.0


                            It’s an interesting case for “desktop”, or light server use. Don’t think I’d want to use it as a HTPC though.


                              I agree with you.  I call this “bookshelf”, but some people may like it as HTPC as well.



                                HP4-97 arrived yesterday, so I grabbed FC5, installed ASRock H81M-ITX and checked how new pipes will fit. Look at pictures. CPU socket can be 4÷5 mm closer to wall and it still will be OK. I don’t have ASROCK Z87E-ITX, but looking at pictures it looks to me, that socket on ASROCK Z87E-ITX is closer to motherboard edge, but just a little, so it should be OK – I think. HP4-97 are compatible with FLS-3, FLS-4, FLS-7 and FLS-8.

                                Just look at pictures, please.


                                  I moved bottom plate close to wall ~6mm (total distance 32mm) and still could put upper bracket with no problem. I think that I can assure you that 33mm from wall is safe. So if the edge of CPU mount is at least 14mm from Motherboard edge – you are OK. (It is 19mm from the Motherboard edge on H81M-ITX)

                                  I hope that my info and pictures are helpful.

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