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    I just added another eSATA tower for storage to a machine, this one has four 3 TB drives in a Sans Digital four drive case running to a Rocket 622 eSata card in a HP. When I set it up as JBOD and formatted it, Windows Disc Management assigned “N” to the drive. Then I went into Media Center and pointed the Recorder to “N”. It make a Recorded TV folder with all the proper permissions.

    However every recording made appears twice in Media Center Recorded TV (but only once in Recorded TV Shared on the other MC boxes). Now if I point the recorder to another drive and then go into Media Center and Manage Libraries it doesn’t appear in remove folders. BUT if I Manage Libaries and ADD N/Recorded TV and then back to Manage Libaries and Removed N/Recorded TV magically the duplicates disappear but the single recordings remain and the single recordings still show in Recorded TV Shared on the Home Group Computers.

    I’m suspecting that there is a re-cycled drive letter being used that once had a Recorded TV folder but I haven’t been able to find it in the Registry.

    Any hints? Any one?


    Mike Garcen

      have you tried deleting the WMP database file for Windows Media Player? have you tried manually deleting them in WMP and then re-adding?


        Check the below registry key

        HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMedia CenterSettingsAutoScan


        You’ll want all of the _arSeen*Drives to have a value of <<NULL>>



          I tried to reply to both suggestions (Mike’s looked like it worked and then failed; Michael suggestion was the same as my registry). Whoever is in charge of the spam filter has my previous reply.

          It appears that if I don’t record to that drive and remove it from watched folders in Media Center, I can store recordings there, they appear with a single instance in MC and they appear in the shared TV section of the Home Group computers.

          Have no idea now what’s going on when I choose it as the recording location.


          EDIT: Ok the recordings that I moved to the M drive didn’t show in shared Recorded TV on my Dell. I had to go back and select M as the source for recording on the HP, it doubled the recordings that had been moved there and they also then appeared singly on the Dell…….Somewhere there is an extra entry on the HP that’s causing those recordings to appear twice ….. but I don’t know where yet.



            I’ve seen this happen before as well.  I’m not sure if I ever figured out exactly what was going on, but I think it has something to do with making a folder the recording location when that folder was already monitored by the Recorded TV library.  From now on when I intend to set the recording location, I first make sure that folder is not included in the Recorded TV library.


              Interesting, I have always let MC create the folder as a Recorded TV location so it has all the proper shares established–then you don’t have to do anything to have the other computers show up in Recorded TV Shared and you can open and copy shows (as long as they aren’t DRM’d) to the other computer.


              It looks like I might have solved the issue and it involves sharing & Home Group. I wish I knew exactly what I did to fix it, but I first removed the everyone share from the Recorded TV folder leaving just the owner. That took out the doubles on the HP but it also took out the contents on the Dell & the other Win7 boxes. Next I added Home Group to the Shares on the folder. No change. Next I put back the Everyone with read/write and still no change.

              Then I clicked on the folder and added it to my libaries in Recorded TV, interestingly it  shows at the bottom who your shares are when you do this and it listed home group and the two extender accounts (which hadn’t shown up before) as well as John & Everyone. Then I closed and opened Media Center on the Dell and waited 10 minutes and then clicked on shared in Recorded TV and the titles on the new folder were there. AND so far Media Center on the HP hasn’t doubled the entries yet.

              With luck this will survive a reboot and adding other shows to that folder–but time will tell.

              Wish I understood more about shares and home groups and getting titles to show automatically in Media Center. Adding shares to movies is pretty straight forward and I’ve had to add mustic to Media Player to get it to show in Media Center.




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