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    I have created similar application as yammm mostly for myself which supports both movies and tv shows (which was the original impulse for me to do that). Remember, it is only the first version released yesterday (there might be bugs) and I haven´t been able to get enough money to buy certificate to sign a software yet, so there might be some warnings during installation. 

    Mostly I don´t want to start any competition with yammm or something like that. (The first one who came up with this idea is still Michael :)), but you are free to try it and eventually send me some feedback. I am doing this in my free time just for fun…



    PS: Project homepage:

    Mike Garcen

      Looks interesting! As a sole-movie user, is there any benefits/features which Colbee offers that isn’t yet avaialble in YAMMM?


        Because yammm suddenly and constantly stops downloading album art for my new folders, I decided to give Collbee a try… GREAT PROGRAM!!!

        One major bug I am not sure if you are aware of or not:

        I installed it on my a test machine at work first,(i7-4770k, 16gb ram) and let it go through a movies folder, 289 of them. Worked great… Installed it onto my less powerful storage box (Celeron that’s basically a nas that runs its own windows OS)… I noticed the box was running horridly slower when Collbee was running. Checked CPU usage, it sits at a constant 25%  Looked at the I7, same thing… I didn’t notice it on the I7 becuase it’s just awesomely powerful, but the less powerful box, was nuts.

        I’ve uninstalled it from the celeron box for now and am continuing to monitor it on the more powerful box as I run through folder creation/deletion/moving scenarios to see it’s spikes. Not sure I’m ready to introduce it to my much meatier home network yet.


          So my account here has been blocked, I had to create a new one. Thank you for your feedback. Please let me know if the performance issue in version is resolved.

          To Mike: I don´t think so. Maybe in further releases. For now my primary task was to implement TV SHows support. So Yammm is good enaough for you.


            Interesting. Nice work. Any updates on this?

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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