Best way to rip TV series DVDs for playback on extender?

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      It occurred to me that I never got around to ripping the small handful of TV series DVDs I own. All my movies are ripped to uncompressed WTV using auto rip n compress and makeMKV for playback on my extender and work great. What’s the best way to handle TV shows though?


        Pssshh, over a hundred views and no answer? Surprising. 🙂



          You can actually rip your TV shows the same way.

          You just need to differentiate between the episodes.

          I personally use handbrake to accomplish this and make all TV shows mp4, you can also package them as an mkv.

          Personally, I don’t own an extender but I believe it should work with either extension;  as long as your extender can play your movie mkv’s.


            Assuming they are DVDs and not Blurays.  And assuming you aren’t worried about compression, why not just use DVDFab Decrypter (or Passkey) and copy the entire disc to either ISO or VIDEO_TS folder and use MyMovies?  The latest MyMovies fully supports TV Series in this way & I’ve found it to be very useful.  Works just fine with extenders.



              I am used Brorsoft DVD Ripper to rip my dvd movies, such as disney or TV series. There are many specific output formats fo me to choose. 


                I use handbrake to solve the problem of ripping the TV series on DVDs. I rip them to mp4 format.
                I do not know about any extender compatibility available for handbrake.

                If you want to rip the series to MKV format then that is possible as well.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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