Getting Started

As switches gears to more of a community orientated site, I will be spending more of my time writing articles, reviews, guides, and of course blog posts. No time like the present to start :). I recently picked up and moved from the sunny desert of California to the great state of Montana. Besides the job opportunity that took […]

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Is DVR/PVR Worth the Risk?


We here at MissingRemote often talk about all the benefits that come with a DVR/PVR, but rarely do we get a chance to clearly show there are some cons to it. Well, this past week I was given a clear reminder as to the danger that will always exist when you rely 98% of the time on your DVR (in […]

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Top 10 Steps to HTPC Evolution


I was feeling rather nostalgic today, so I decided to take some time to reminisce on the life of HTPCs and Media Centers. I've been around this since the inception, and it's always fun to take a step back and see where we've come from to get an idea of what the future holds. I have comprised my very own […]

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More Mythtv!


This weekend my wife hosted a baby shower at our house, so we had a bunch of people over. I soon found myself removed from the family room and the computer room 'cause guys weren't allowed… So what's a guy to do with no HTPC? Luckily for me, my brother was over and brought along his Mac . With time […]

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The New & Improved Remote Record


I just happened to be in need of scheduling some recordings at work, so was forced to use MSN's Remote Record (since I can't forward ports on the router to be able to use Webguide). But, I was so surprised & impressed with my experience I thought I would share. It seems the MSN TV guys have been working hard […]

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Analog TV Tuners — How We Test


As a compliment to our upcoming ATSC/NTSC combo round up I wanted to share how I test the TV tuners. Read on for the nitty gritty. To be objective about our testing we have a group of still images, most of them are industry standard test patterns. These are compiled onto a DVD video disc and played back on a standard DVD […]

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Media Center Setup Quick Tip


I was recently at Microsoft's campus for their annual MVP Summit, and got to spend some time with Jessica Zahn, of the eHome group there. Besides being very nice, she was showing myself & fellow MVP Bryan Socha (aka Accident) some Vista TV features. While that was good and fine, what blew us away, was this very little known trick. […]

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The Perfect Media Center Software

Does the perfect Media Center software exist? I think I can safely speak for the entire HTPC community when I say NO! Over the past several years we have had to put up with instabilities, tweaking, building, resintalling, and worst of all, complaints from the significant other. If it wasn't for the almighty WAF, I think a lot of us […]

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Why you want a 120Hz LCD TV


In talking with Alan the other day it became obvious that we should have a write up about why 120Hz LCD HDTVs are a big deal and why they should be your TVs of choice. Read on for the details A quick refresher on the common HDTV formats: 720p is 1280×720 progressive scan with 60 frames per second [720p/60] 1080i […]

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