Media Center Setup Quick Tip


I was recently at Microsoft's campus for their annual MVP Summit, and got to spend some time with Jessica Zahn, of the eHome group there. Besides being very nice, she was showing myself & fellow MVP Bryan Socha (aka Accident) some Vista TV features. While that was good and fine, what blew us away, was this very little known trick. […]

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The Perfect Media Center Software

Does the perfect Media Center software exist? I think I can safely speak for the entire HTPC community when I say NO! Over the past several years we have had to put up with instabilities, tweaking, building, resintalling, and worst of all, complaints from the significant other. If it wasn't for the almighty WAF, I think a lot of us […]

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Why you want a 120Hz LCD TV


In talking with Alan the other day it became obvious that we should have a write up about why 120Hz LCD HDTVs are a big deal and why they should be your TVs of choice. Read on for the details A quick refresher on the common HDTV formats: 720p is 1280×720 progressive scan with 60 frames per second [720p/60] 1080i […]

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Couchville Beta


A few days ago Snapstream released, a sleek and simple TV Listing site open to anyone on the net. The current version of the site is in beta, so it will no doubt have tweaks and changes in the future. Surfing on over to the Couchville main-page, I was greated by a page that reminded me a lot of […]

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I joined the MP3 revolution with a 30GB iPod video


Digg this story!  Not to get all gadgety on you but I finally got myself into the 21st century for mobile/personal audio. I thought I would share my first impressions, and general usage experiences as well as comments on moving video to the iPod from various sources including downloads and converted TV recordings.   First Impressions Man this thing is […]

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Analog TV and 2009 : let’s clear something up shall we?


NVIDIA's DualTV MCE end of life announcement made earlier today is the first of what I'm sure are many other similar product discontinuations and/or end of life announcements. Looking around various forums that have picked up on this I see some incorrect information being spread around. To be clear: the mandate is only about over the air analog signals. It […]

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ReplayTV, quit Replaying!!!


I was just greeted with a lovely SPAM e-mail from ReplayTV, promoting their PVR software and offering me a whopping 20% discount on it. What's the problem with this? Where to begin. I know how Replay got my e-mail address, I gave it to them when I signed up for their beta program for their software before it was launched. […]

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For the last couple weeks, I've been hearing about "the stations between the stations" and "hidden stations on the radio dial".  In fact, the radio commercials are talking about HDRadio.  This got me curious.  What is HDRadio?  How is it different from what I've already got?   So I did a little digging this afternoon.  As it turns out, HDRadio […]

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High definition optical discs and their associated copy protection acronyms


The next generation optical disc formats, like standard DVD, are encrypted on disc, but unlike standard DVD, also require protected paths from the player to the display. With this comes a confusing new group of terms, many of which betray the idiosyncrasies of the next generation content protection requirements. The confusion has become obvious, especially when otherwise very technically literate websites start producing […]

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