How 5G will impact the mobile gaming

The fifth generation of cellular network, which is commonly known as the 5G technology, is the next step in the tech progress, which will bring an impressive revolution in the field.

Everyone hopes for an improved response rate – much better than the current 4G technology. The greater download speed is expected to be as high as 10 Gb per second. This will translate in a very low latency and lower power requirements, among others.

The companies and the telecom industry will have to make massive investments to get 5G to a mainstream level as of 2022, and they already started implementing it last year. Most of the Internet users will enjoy this technology worldwide by 2024. This will have a positive impact in many industries.

Some of them are the healthcare industry – meaning more patients to be treated and visited virtually by physicians -, transportation – better navigation features for vehicles, manufacturing, media, and entertainment.

The new generation of cellular network will bring the fourth industrial revolution, along with the Internet of Things, which will have the devices and the network connected to each other and working faster and better than before.

A better online experience will also improve the mobile gaming industry. The new technology will improve a lot many aspects of this industry, like the cybersecurity, the speed, the payment methods, the mobile optimization, the live casino games, or the new experiences.

For example, if you want to play blackjack online, you will enjoy it on your mobile device without any latency problems, as well as other online games and slots. 5G technology means you will benefit from a much better response rate, with expected average speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Such a speed means enjoying the mobile gaming experience from almost everywhere. You can have them at your home, but also on the road, in holidays, in remote places, and so on. And the online casinos – and the whole industry – will invest in this, because attracting more and more players is their main commercial goal.

Online casinos keep a close eye on the speed at which gamblers connect and enjoy their games. No lag issues means people will spend more time playing the online casino games.

When it comes to live casino games, 5G will allow more devices connected at the same time, providing unique experiences. One example is the live action gaming, with a live dealer.

Then, there are new ways of entertainment, like the Virtual Reality, or VR. Having a technology in hand like the 5G, VR will be a regular experience for everyone. With a much faster connection, the huge amounts of data used will not be a problem for players enjoying VR. And the same applies to Augmented Reality (AR) gaming, and to new and improved video game graphics.

Better sound effects, more cloud-based services, more multiplayer games, more players in a single session and special gaming-focused phones are also some ideas in which the mobile gaming will benefit from the 5G.

The new technology will also help develop better, faster, and more secure payment methods. Larger amounts will be paid at the same time, in a wide range of currencies. There will be also more secure transactions. Online casinos will also be able to use the cryptocurrency. This is because the digital money is safe and secure in the transactions. It also helps in the countries where gambling is banned, making it easier to transfer the bets or the winnings.

Better payment methods help the casinos gaining the players’ trust. And so does a reliable cybersecurity – another feature which will be much improved by the new 5G technology.  A continuous improving technology is what is needed to fend off hacker attacks and data breaches.


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